LETSCOM Smart Bracelet Review
Posted on February 5, 2018

LETSCOM Smart Bracelet Review

Have your recently joined the weight loss league? If yes, then it must be troubling you to calculate the amount of calories lost or gained after a certain meal or exercise, which is why fitness trackers are becoming more popular as time passes. These trackers give you an accurate measure of the effort you’re putting in to lose weight. While it is common for individuals to spend hefty amounts on fitness watches and bands, considering it as an investment in your health, truth is, exercising and staying physically active is an investment and not the amount spent on it. LetsCom is one amazing fitness tracker which gives you everything any other fitness watch does, except at a highly affordable price.

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Here, we review its features and specs in detail.

1. Sports Fitness Tracker

More than anything, LETSCOM smart bracelet is a sports fitness tracker which aims to keep you on the go through its wide array of features. How does it do that? This device has a pedometer to keep track of the total number of steps you have taken during the day. This includes running and jogging as well as the steps you take to go to the washroom. This gives you an idea of how close or far you are from achieving your daily steps goal. Apart from that, it has a calorie count recorder which keeps you aware of your daily calorie intake and loss. This makes weight loss much easier as what and how much you eat is no longer a guessing game.

2. Sleep Monitor

Did you know that weight loss is part exercise and majorly about eating good diet and getting enough sleep? Sure you can count your sleep hours by noting your time of going to bed and getting out of it. But how do you get an idea of your sleep quality? LETSCOM smart band comes with a sleep monitor that keeps track of your light as well as deep sleep. Your deep sleep is the restorative part of your sleep and in turn determines how refreshed you wake up.

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3. Battery Life

Low batteries are a big NO! What use is your fitness tracker if you can’t wear it in times you’re going to exercise because of low battery? LETSCOM keeps such issues at heart and gives you a battery life of one week on standby mode and four days on operating mode, that goes without having to recharge. You can always prolong it by minimizing LED usage.

4. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

Although not designed for medical purposes, LETSCOM features a highly accurate HR sensor that monitors your heartbeat, letting you know its highs and lows throughout the day, which is especially important when you exercise, as it lets you keep track of intensity level of your exercise.

5. Phone Tracker

Another convenient way to find your phone every time you lose it is by using the LETSCOM smart band. Unlike any other device, you have the smart band on your wrist all the time and won’t need to make an extra effort to find your phone. Once you press the key, you enter the Find Phone Interface. If you want the phone to ring, simply double click the key.

6. Water Proof

A key feature that every fitness tracker should have is water resistance. Sweat released by your body during exercise makes your band wear out and also messes with its functioning. Other than that, you also need a water proof fitness tracker if you swim regularly. LETSCOM tracker doesn’t interfere with your everyday exercise and lets you run free of worry.

7. Alerts

Other features include sedentary alert that notifies you to get up if you’ve been sitting for too long, alerts for phone calls, messages and other app notifications. One of the smartest features is the Wrist Sense which automatically lightens up the screen once you turn it towards you. Another interesting feature is the Remote Camera Shooting which lets you control photography shooting.

Garmin Vivoft Jr. review
Posted on January 15, 2018

Garmin vivofit JR. Review

Kids these days have exceptionally fast rates of learning especially when it comes to gadgets. They might have a bucket full of toys but the only thing they’ll be attracted to is your mobile phone, tablet, or fitness tracker. Sadly though, their physical activity has slowed down over the years and there couldn’t be a better time for a fitness tracker to be introduced solely for kids. Garmin Vivofit Jr. is one amazing invention that targets children health by monitoring their exercise, sleep and overall well being in general. If your child’s birthday is coming up, this might be the perfect gift for them. Read more to find out why.

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1. It is more like a game

The Garmin Vivofit Jr. works on an incentive based system that encourages physical activity and exercise by rewarding children in the form of unlocking stages, giving points and coins etc. For example, by setting up the Step Challenge, children are encouraged to take as many steps as possible in two minutes.

Another interesting feature is Adventure Trail which allows kids to unlock new levels once they achieve their daily target. What’s interesting is that you can customize the goals to suit everyday routines, e.g. take kids shopping, make them their favorite meal, etc, once they’ve achieved their set goal. Kids can also invite their friends and family to a certain challenge provided they own a Garmin Vivofit.

2. Keeps track of Everything

As we struggle for more and more convenience in our everyday routine, we keep getting trapped in a sedentary lifestyle, which reflects upon our health. It is no different for our children. As Play stations and X boxes replace playgrounds, we see more and more children turning into potato couches.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. keeps track of the total steps taken, chores, sleep and rest time too. The device sends alerts when they haven’t made a move in 2 hours. By tracking the sleep time and sleep movement, it gives the parents a detailed idea of their child’s sleep quality.The total steps taken is displayed with a T-Rex dinosaur animation which makes the display attractive for kids.

3. Gives Parent Adequate Control

Unlike other fitness devices where the wearer is in control of the app, Garmin Vivofit Jr. allows parents to monitor the app while the kids enjoy wearing it. Not only can you view the sleep time, tracked activity and exercise, but you also get to set tasks and reminders keeping in mind the daily routine of your children. Once done, these tasks and chores can be ticked off. This is especially useful when it comes to kids who like to procrastinate a lot. Reminders displayed on their watches gets them excited about the chore as they take it up as a challenge.

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4. Good Value For Money

Other than being safe, Garmin Vivofit Jr. saves you the expense of getting your child mobile phones, not to forget how unsafe they are for adolescents. Considering all the features you get in a simple wearable watch, this fitness tracker provides good value for money.

5. No Charging Needed

Yes, you heard that right. Garmin VivoFit Jr. features a 1 year + battery which requires no recharging. The battery works exceptionally well for a year after which it can be replaced. By saving you the hassle of recharging, the device makes itself available for every second of the day, which is not possible otherwise on chargeable batteries, since children might be exercising at a time when the tracker is on low battery.

6. Water Proof

Unlike some other devices, this device is waterproof which makes it completely safe to use in water, when your child is swimming, counting it as real exercise. The watch also comes with replaceable bands which you can change after a while once they wear out.

7. Stop Watch

One thing that makes this tracker similar to watches millennial owned is the Stop Watch feature. Whether they are racing with a friend or simply trying to find out how much time it takes them to complete a certain task, they can use this feature along with preset countdown timers (2 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes) which can be set according to the nature of the task.

Here is a very helpful video review:

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