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Posted on June 9, 2017

5 Things Every Fitbit Owner Should Know


Who says technology has made us adopt a sedentary lifestyle? With the growing issue of obesity globally, and increased concern among people regarding adopting a healthy lifestyle, Fitbit is just the right gadget for you. Although this feature came with smartphones as well, Fitbit is a gadget solely designed for keeping track of your fitness by recording sleep patterns, physical activities, body movements, calories eaten etc. Health info has never been so handy. However, many Fitbit users don’t know what to do with the enormous data Fitbit provides. So here’s a guide on what every Fitbit owner needs to know to make the most out of it.Read More

fitbit fitness trackers
Posted on June 8, 2017

5 Reasons Why FitBit is the Best Fitness Tracker


Fitbit hit the market back in 2007 and has become the pioneer of modern day fitness trackers. Though one comes across a large variety, when selecting a fitness tracker, Fitbit is one of the most popular and trusted brand among the consumers. It is easy to wear and while you can forget that you have it on, it will track the slightest of movements in your everyday routine. Read More

kids exercises
Posted on June 5, 2017

5 Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids At Home

The immense important of working out on a daily, or weekly, or even bi-weekly bases cannot be over-emphasized. It helps a lot of vital organs in the body, starting from the heart. And the truth is, kids are not left out. Because it can prevent many cardiovascular diseases, which can also affect kids and helps reduce the cholesterol level in our blood.Read More

does kid need fitness tracker
Posted on June 5, 2017

Does Your Kid Need a Fitness Tracker?

I understand the frustration you go through, when your kid opts to watch television instead of going out to play. I know how your child convinces you that staying home and playing video games is much more rewarding to them than getting sweaty and tired outside. I have heard the arguments between you and your children about how plain old exercise in the park is just not fun enough. The solution is a pretty easy one,  your kid may just need a fitness tracker.Read More

Fitbit for Kids
Posted on June 3, 2017

Which Fitbit is Best for Kids


As the world is moving speedily towards technological advancements, there has been a whole new array of issues that have erupted. The most concerning one out of all these debates has to be the fact that the excessive use of smartphones is taking a toll on our mental and physical health. But what’s even more important here is to discuss how badly this is affecting the most vulnerable group out of all i.e. our children.Read More

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