5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Active

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Your child will always be very important to you and part of caring for them involves keeping them healthy and happy at all times. To successfully ensure your child’s health is OK, always look out for possible hazards that can lead to injury and conditions that can expose them to illness. Ensure your child is physically active at all times and spends plenty of time outdoors. Try to consistently monitor their mental health by communicating regularly and openly with your kid. Apart from these clues mentioned here, what other ways can you keep your kids healthy? Read further and learn more.

1. Reduce or Avoid Giving Them Antibiotics if Possible

Antibiotics kill both bad and healthy bacteria. Kids who take antibiotics for prolonged periods end up having a weakened immune system and gut health as they age. Of course, there circumstances where the body NEEDS antibiotics, just be sure it is taken as a last resort.

2. Do Workout Sessions Together

Try to do short bursts of yoga with your kids so that their body can get movement and their minds remain calm thus benefiting their health. Take your kids on a family walk or bike ride. Run races or throw a baseball. Perform whatever moves get your kids out and moving. Get them activity trackers that will motivate them for physical activities.

3. Establish a Balanced Sleeping Routine

It is paramount for children to get 10 hours of sleep each night. Sleeping at the same time every evening will make this easier. This routine should be followed judiciously and only pushed back if absolutely necessary. Sleep is vital to health in a range of ways. It allows the body to recover quickly or fight potential infections. It boosts metabolism. The right amount of sleep can calm emotions which ultimately results in a healthier mindset.

4. Offer Plenty of Drinking Water

Children should drink 8 oz. water glasses corresponding to their age (64 oz. when they are 8 years old). 4 year old children should drink four glasses containing 8 oz. per day. This total excludes milk, juices, or any other liquids. Children should start drinking water only when they are 6 months old. Prior to this, the formula and breast milk is recommended. Children’s brain is made up of 80 percent water, so keeping them hydrated is important for optimal levels of cognitive development. Teach your kid to monitor their urine to ensure it is clear than yellow. If it is yellow, they should take a glass of water.

child drinking water

5. Feed your Kids Healthy Food Options

Reduce the amount of processed foods as much as possible. If possible offer fresh fruits and vegetables to your children. Prepare a bowl of healthy meals that your children can have anytime. Put away sweets for only special occasions. Of course, they may frown at this, remember it is for their own benefit.


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