The Best Swing Sets Reviews (2019 Updated)

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A swing set in your backyard is an excellent way to keep your kids engaged. Its not only fun but a good way to keep them healthy as most children of modern age tend to spend most of their time on screens which is not good for their health. Kids must keep moving in some form or shape and these play sets offer a good way to keep children physically healthy and active.

But swing sets do carry some risks as well. A recent study by US Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that more than 50000 children a year sustain playground injuries and are taken to the hospitals; that is 137 kids per day.

And the most commonly reported injuries were head and face injuries that children sustained due to either falling off the playground equipment or being struck by it.

These figures raise serious concerns and keeping all these stats in mind, we went out to find the safest children playsets that carry no or minimum risks. One of the best way to keep children safe from most injuries, as recommended by US CPSC, is to install swing sets over a protective surface. Moreover, proper installation and maintenance of playground equipment is also important to minimize security risks.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best swing sets for kids.

The Best Backyard Swing Sets for Kids

Name Our Rating Price (Amazon)
Backyard Discovery Skyfort II
(Editor's Choice)
10/10 Check Price
Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset 9/10 Check Price
Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
(Editor's Choice)
10/10 Check Price
Step2 Play Swing Set with Glider 8/10 Check Price
Backyard Discovery Atlantis 8/10 Check Price
Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse 9/10 Check Price
Equinox Swing Set 8/10 Check Price
Swing-n-Slide Complete Swing Set 8/10 Check Price
Swing-N-Slide Cedar Brook Playset 7/10 Check Price
Swing-N-Slide Complete Playset 7/10 Check Price
Backyard Discovery Somerset 7/10 Check Price

1. Backyard Discovery Skyfort II – Best Swing Set for Toddlers

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Best Swing Sets for Kids

Backyard Discovery is on top of the list of best swing set brands. The are known for manufacturing the best playsets in the market. If you have a big backyard, this all cedar wood swing set is an ideal choice for your children. This is a complete playset that comes with 2 belt swings, 1 swing glider, a slide, a sandbox and monkey bars. Besides that, the play set also features both a clubhouse and a lower playdeck with ample space.

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The raised clubhouse has a wooden roof, windows and covered entry way. The length of slide is 10 feet; its wavy but still speedy. While swings and glider are fun for kids, the monkey bar is challenging for grown up kids. This swing set also features a standard ladder and a rock climbing wall. To reach the raised clubhouse, kids can either use the ladder or the rock climbing wall.

The cedar wood is durable and naturally resists mold and decay. It can withstand any type of weather. Besides wood, any plastic components used in the swing set are UV resistant. All these features make it the best outdoor playset for toddlers.

2. Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset – Safest Swing Set

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Safe Swing SetGetting your kids off that PlayStation won’t be that hard a task with this 7-in-1 play set. This swing set comprises of a wavy slide, two swings, a trapeze bar, climbing wall, a cargo net, propeller swing and an activity board.

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The 3D climbing wall makes wall climbing all the more adventurous for kids. The sturdy 9 feet slide is wavy but is  fast and thrilling enough for the kids. This accompanied with binoculars and a steering wheel is perfect material for imaginative play. When they’re not in the mood to take swings, they can still play on the activity chalkboard while staying in the clubhouse.

Since the whole playset is made up of polyethylene and steel, it won’t need constant maintenance, neither will it rot or split. The kids are sure to enjoy themselves to the fullest in the hardtop roof clubhouse.

The swing set is perfect in terms of safety for kids. It has no lead based material and passes all playground performance and safety standards. The cargo net is of great quality and the swing chains are also covered with plastic caps, which make it one of the safest swing sets in the market.

3. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

Monkey Bar Adventure Swing SetThis monkey bar adventure swing set is a classic play set you’ve grown up playing in. Children can spend hours in the three belt swings, 9 ft slide, one trapeze bar and gym rings to try out new moves. Suitable for multiple children aged between 5-12, this sturdy, tall structure is the perfect choice for kids of all heights. While some kids are on the wavy yet speedy slide, others can take swings.

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You don’t need to worry about its durability in terms of strength, color fading and weather changes, since the material used is high quality and is powder coated to prevent cracking, chipping and peeling off.

Though it does not feature a clubhouse like other play sets, it has a fireman’s pole for your kids to stay fit. The whole swing set is protected through rounded caps, rubber grips and all weather resistant material. Moreover, the whole play set is UV resistant and won’t need cementing since the structure is freestanding. All you need to do is assemble the parts together.

The swing set is sure to last a while making your children’s playtime worthwhile as they grow up.

4. Step2 Play Center Swing Set with Glider

Backyard Wooden Swing Set with GliderThe Step2 Play Center is definitely going to take the swing set game to a whole new level with its multipurpose play center for kids in the 4-12 age group. This play center comprises of a double story playhouse, two person glider, a straight six foot speedy slide with a ladder on the back, two swings, a rope ladder and a basketball hoop on the side. A play heaven where kids can hide, climb, slide all they want, and happily spend hours.

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The swing set is fixed through ground anchors and is designed to resist strong winds. The material used is of great quality and makes the structure sturdy and durable to last years.

Its double wall poly construction is a great attempt to eliminate problems that children might usually face with other swing sets. Not only is the play center extremely entertaining, it is challenging for the kids too. Not only that, but it has a fun steering wheel too, making it perfect for imaginative play. While some children climb up and down the two stories, others can play basketball in the back. All of this, for an extremely reasonable price makes this play set the perfect package.

5. Backyard Discvoery Atlantis All Cedar Wood Playset

This Atlantis Swing set features multiple play options for kids to spend their evenings and weekends in a healthy manner. Built with a play fort and an 8ft  slide, a swing glider, a backyard clubhouse, two playset swings, a rockwall and a snack window.

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It also has four swings in total (two glider, two standard belt swings). This swing set replaces the traditional ladder with its rock wall, for your kids to try something new and exciting. The play set has an all cedar raised roof clubhouse with a snack window underneath, for your children to try imaginative games while playing. The lower fort has a wooden sandbox area too, for toddlers to play, alongside an activity shelf.

The whole play set is made up of 100% cedar, which, according to laboratory tests has proven to be decay resistant, and less likely to develop cracks over time. The plastic components are also UV resistant, which makes the whole play set last long. To ensure that kids don’t hurt themselves while playing, the swings are covered with steel clam shell brackets.

As far as the assembling is concerned, users might need some drilling, but the hardware is easy to assemble and fix with its exclusive Safe-T hardware.

6. Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse – Compact Swing Set for Small Yards

Step2 best playsets for toddlersThis Step 2 Playhouse is relatively a simpler play house, you’d want to get if you have kids aged between 4-8. A swing set with a climber and a 5 feet slide, this is an easy to assemble swing set, that can be easily placed indoors when it rains or snows outside.

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This play center also has dual level secret playhouse with a crawl-through and door entry for toddlers to play in, making it suitable for children of all ages. This can also be used to play soccer or hockey, whereas the basketball play set can also be used indoors and outdoors depending on your child’s height.

Perfect for all kinds of physical and imaginative play, this plastic swing set is safe for children. However, since it is light in weight, you will have to anchor this to the ground. If you’re not too good at assembling furniture items, you might face a little trouble assembling all its parts. However, you can always look for video tutorials to guide you.

The playhouse is reasonably priced which makes it affordable and a great option, considering that its utility will diminish in a year or two when the kids grow up. If you have a small yard, this is one of the best swing sets for small yards.

7. Equinox Playset – Wooden Swing Set under 500 Dollars

Equinox Backyard Wooden Swing Set under $500If you want to place something in your backyard for the kids to swing on, by staying under a budget and are not looking for anything fancy, the Equinox Swing Set is simply the best choice for you.

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Basically built for kids above the ages of 6, this swing set has a sturdy structure, heavier than metal, meeting ASTM safety standards. The kids are sure to enjoy the freedom this swing set has to offer with its tall beam height. It comes with swing hangers and ground anchors with a five year warranty. If you’re on a budget, this is a pair of decently priced high quality wooden swing sets under 500 dollars.

The adjustable chains also bring your inner child out and let you swing without the fear of collapsing the whole set. You can also add a baby swing to this set if one of your kids is still a toddler, allowing you to spend quality time with your family.

The wooden beams are fully protected with the wood guards giving the swing set its strength and steadiness. Probably the best part about purchasing this swing set is that you won’t need to spend anything on its maintenance, while your kids enjoy themselves to the fullest in the backyard, without compromising on the fun in any way. If you are looking for a compact swing set for small yards, this is an ideal choice.

8. Swing-N-Slide PB 8330 Orbiter Wood Swing Set

Another budget friendly option to keep your kids entertained and off mobile devices, the Swing N Slide is a basic swing set that will fit right in your backyard. This specific model comes with two swings and a ring trapeze bar, for your kids to try out something different other than basic swings. A low maintenance basic swings set that allows your kids to hang, swing and soar, this swing set makes your backyard no less than a basic public playground for kids.

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Children safety is the top priority with its compliance to ASTM standards. The UV resistant round wooden guards encapsulate the beams and keep them safe from any weather changes. The swing won’t need sanding, repainting, or splinters making maintenance easier than ever.

Assembling the structure is no issue either, as the metal braces are easily attachable to the swing beam. The structure remains intact and the swings don’t shift from their place, provided they are assembled properly. Perfect for a family of five, its tall height lets your kids feel like they’re touching the sky and lets them have fun without being too heavy on the pocket.

9. Swing-N-Slide Cedar Brook Play Set

Planning on getting your kids the perfect playhouse these summers? With the Swing N Cedar Brook Play set, you really don’t need to look further. Why’s that? See for yourself. The play set consists of a monkey bar, a side winding slide, a rock wall to climb, two cool swing sets, glider, a double story clubhouse, and a picnic table. Isn’t this a complete package in itself?

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If you have a handful of children and their friends come often, its time for you to bring this baby home. Bring that playhouse featured in The Today’s Show(on NBC) to life and give your kids a chance to indulge in physical play and develop their motor skills. The play set is made up of cedar with plastic parts, with lifetime warranty.

While some kids can slide down the side winder slide, others can stretch on the metal rungs of the monkey bar. The climbing rock wall has distinctly colored rocks that stand out, giving the play house its appealing appearance. The playhouse is the perfect combination of challenge and fun, giving your child new avenues to explore. All of this certainly makes it a better investment than any mobile phone or video game device.

10. Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Playset

If you’re looking for a play set complete in itself, which eliminates any need to go to public parks, then Swing N Slide Complete play set is a great option. This multipurpose play set features a slightly wavy slide, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, two swings and a picnic table with a ring trapeze combo.

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It has a clubhouse in the upper story with a window that makes imaginative play so much more fun. No better way for your kids to develop motor skills by climbing, gliding and swinging their way through the play house. The play set is designed to encourage Do It Yourself behavior among children. They have to climb up the ladder and then hang on to the monkey bars, in order to get to the slide.

Perfect for a house with many children of all age groups, you won’t see your children fighting over a single swing. Assembling is made easier by pre-drilled holes and clear instructions. The canopy is made of weather resistant material ensuring durability. Since the playset is huge, it comes with large support posts with swing beam to provide structural support, complying with ASTM safety standards.

11. Backyard Discovery Somerest Swing Set

If you’re one of those parents looking for a full playhouse swing set but are overwhelmed by the size of these, you need to get your hands on this cute Backyard Playset Swing Set. Like all other full play sets, it has a rock climbing wall, an 8ft speedy slide, two swings, an acrobat bar and a sliding window. Its attractive colors are sure to brighten up your backyard.

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Not only will your children have fun playing in this swing set, but they can also explore their inherent athletic skills by gliding and swinging on the acrobat bar and rock climbing wall. When they’re tired from all the exercise, they can always play imaginary games in the snack stand and bench.

The wavy slide is speedy enough and in no way compromises on safety standards. The swing beam is strong enough to provide support to the structure and is tightly knot to prevent the swing set from developing cracks, ensuring longer use.

This somerset swing set is 100% cedar and won’t need frequent maintenance with its decay and rot resistant properties All hardware is Safe-T Fuse Hardware and although you might need to do some pilot drilling, assembling is easier.

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