5 Things Every Fitbit Owner Should Know

fitbit owner

Who says technology has made us adopt a sedentary lifestyle? With the growing issue of obesity globally, and increased concern among people regarding adopting a healthy lifestyle, Fitbit is just the right gadget for you. Although this feature came with smartphones as well, Fitbit is a gadget solely designed for keeping track of your fitness by recording sleep patterns, physical activities, body movements, calories eaten etc. Health info has never been so handy. However, many Fitbit users don’t know what to do with the enormous data Fitbit provides. So here’s a guide on what every Fitbit owner needs to know to make the most out of it.

1. Food Tracking

To keep track of your daily calories intake, you don’t need to go through any hassle anymore. Fitbit logs your daily meals and assists you in reaching the set target towards burning those unwanted calories. It has an extensive food database, comprising of calorie estimators, bar code scanners and meal shortcuts to keep you aware of how much and what you’re eating. Moreover, it lets you know what ingredients you’ve been having, in exact amounts. By adjusting your food plan, you’re notified whether you’re in calorie balance, deficit or surplus.

2. Challenge Your Mates

We all are connected to our friends and family on different social platforms. How fun and motivational would it be at the same time if you could connect on a social network focusing solely on fitness? Fitbit lets you connect with your friends through your address book, Facebook account and Fitbit account. You can challenge your friends or be a part of one, with the variety of challenges it comes with, under the Challenges tab. You can add up to 20 people in every challenge. What better way to motivate you to complete those 100 meters remaining?

3. Sleep Tracking

Did you ever have a sleepless night but don’t really have evidence to prove it? Fitbit has you covered. It not only tracks your sleeping hours but also tells you how many times you woke up during the night, keeping track of moments when you were restless. All you need to do is, put it into sleep mode the way you put it into activity mode. In case you forget, you can always enter your sleeping and waking up hours to get the data details for the night.

4. Customize the Dashboard

Though specifically designed to keep track of your fitness, Fitbit might still be providing you with unwanted information. To set it according to your needs, you can always customize the dashboard. Doing so will only display the features you want to be there. Tap edit in the upper left corner and uncheck any feature that is unwanted.

5. Stopwatch Feature

The Stopwatch Feature has never been this easy to access. By merely tapping twice on the window, the stopwatch starts, keeping track of time for anything you want it to. You can stop the stop watch by doing the same again. You will know the timer has started once the two lights start flashing.

If you’re a fitness freak, Fitbit is a must buy. Share more tips and tricks with us in comments below.

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