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If you own a previous version of the Fitbit, you won’t find a lot of new features in the new Fitbit Flex 2, but it is a decent upgrade compared to previous models based on certain key factors. The Fitbit Flex 2 has a slim design, a minimalist look, and the slimmest in terms of thickness (Width =1.2 in, Depth=0.4 in,  Height=0.3 in). Fitbit seems to be returning to more simpler models as is evident in the Flex 2 limited features. The highlight of this model is its water-resistance, making it a must buy for regular swimmers. It is the first of its kind in the Fitbit trackers to possess this much needed feature, with a resistance of about 164 feet.

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Fitbit Flex 2 Review


Flex 2 varies in design from its previous version, in terms of slimness. It is sleeker and smaller compared to previous versions. What’s more? It offers a variety of trendy bands to select from, not limiting the look to its rubber strap. The strap is comfortable to wear and is designed keeping in mind its 24 hr usage. It can be easily worn to sleep and throughout the day.

Bands Customization

Fitbit Flex 2 offers customization in its appearance by letting you wear it as a wristband and pendant, both. By selecting from one of its Luxe Collection accessories, you can go for a silver, gold, or rose gold band or pendant that never goes out of style and looks classy. Although these accessories lie between $70-100 and are a bit pricey, it is worth the look. With the rubber look, Flex 2 uses the same style of button clasps as its predecessor. It is available in two sizes with longer lengths for people with chubbier wrists.


Fitbit Flex 2 swim tracking definitely offers a competitive edge over others. It automatically detects swimming and records laps of four kinds of strokes: butterfly, backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke. To improve battery life, however, the auto detection feature can be turned off, if you’re not a regular swimmer. Its swim tracking feature may not be as accurate as that of other high end trackers, but it is a good enough option given its price. Where Flex 2 lags behind is its tracking credibility. Since its accelerometer looks for horizontal activity to record, much of your physical activity might go unrecorded. e.g. cycling on a stationary bike in a gym. This might have to be done manually through the app. There is no GPS and Connected GPS option as of that in Charge 2. Its tracking efficiency can definitely be improved in later versions. Unlike other versions of Fitbit, Flex 2 lacks an altimeter, which tracks floors.

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Battery Timing

Since it does not have a screen, its battery timing is improved compared to its predecessor. However, there isn’t much of a difference considering there’s no screen and GPS, you’d expect its battery to last at least 5 days. But the battery lasts for 3 to 3.5 days. If, the swim track feature is turned off, it can last another day and prevents it from draining considerably. The charging process is similar to that of Fitbit Blaze. i.e. you have to remove the tracker and place it into the cradle. Study the manual if you’re a first timer with Fitbit, to minimize chances of an uncharged device when heading out.


Since Flex 2 doesn’t have a screen, it communicates information in a relatively different manner. It has 5 in built LED lights that illuminate in different colors, each meaning something. Call and text notifications, goals achievement, reminders to move and silent alarms are all communicated through a different combination of lights that needs to be studied in detail before you go out ad about wearing your Flex 2. You won’t get second alerts for your set goals, which hampers the overall purpose of getting a fitness tracker. You’ll have to take your phone along and keep the two synced to stay updated on hourly goals.

Considering its previous model, it is a decent upgrade with all the basic features of health tracking ( steps taken, distance walked, steps climbed, and calories burned) minus the heart rate monitor. Flex 2 isn’t highly recommended for hardcore exercisers. If you’re a regular swimmer, are looking for a basic tracker and attractive bands are your thing, Flex 2 is a good option. But beginners who significantly want to improve their health would like to have a fitness tracker with a screen ad features Flex 2 is missing out on.

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