Fitbit Zip Review – Complete And Unbiased

With the market of activity trackers heating up, there are still some versatile products which tend to please its users with their ease of usage and bundle of features firing it up. Fitbit activity trackers have gained popularity among users and one such productby FitBit is their FitBit Zip. Accurate, simple and resilient, here’s all you need to know about the FitBit Zip.

FitBit Zip Review

The Construction

Beginning with its size, the FitBit Zip is the smallest out of the bunch. Unlike other trackers, it is not worn on wrist, rather it is worn like a clip-on. The FitBit Zip comes with silicon sleeve which can be clipped to the hem of your shirt, belt, pocket, the inside of your coat or even just worn in like a pendant. With it’s quarter of an inch size, you can easily wear this activity tracker without bringing much attention to it.

Next up, how it operates. The FitBit Zip uses the coin-like battery (the CR2025) and lasts up to about 6 months. After 6 months, you can easily replace them with new batteries, which are readily available every where at the cost of $2-3 dollars max. The FitBit uses a LCD digital display to let you know about your stats, which includes the steps taken, calories burned and more.

This activity tracker will sync your data over Bluetooth, which can be monitored on the Fitbit app. Over the FitBit app, you can not only see your statistics, but can set goals too. In addition to this, the FitBit zip comes with a great backup, the Bluetooth Smart USB stick, which will be helpful in case if you can’t download the latest updates or can’t sync data over the phone app.

Key Features

Let’s start talking about what good will this entry-level gear to do you. Since its small in size and falls in quite an affordable range, you won’t have to worry about misplacing it. Even if you misplace it, the loss won’t be great as compared to other activity trackers which cost a fortune. This makes it a good candidate for adults, teens and children especially.

It’s silicon clip-on and rubber body makes it the most resilient kind of FitBit tracker that you can get your hands on. The rubber body makes it water resistant and almost unbreakable which adds into it’s lifespan.

Moving on, the FitBit Zip will cover all your activity while displaying the vital stats including the total number of steps taken, the total distance covered depending on the metric you use choose  (i.e kilometer, miles), the total calories burned and lastly the time! In order to view all this on the digital display, you would simply need to tap the screen and tap further to view all these quick stats. Not just this, you can also see these figures on the FitBit app after you sync your data over the bluetooth.  The app will help you monitor your results better and even make plans for yourself.

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FitBit Zip for Weightloss

Now that you have the basic understanding of what the FitBit zip is like, let’s discuss the next level- how to effectively use it to make goals. It has always been argued if these trackers are of use and if they actually promote a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. The answer to this lays in its correct usage. Sure, the tracking seems interesting enough, but the idea of tracking your steps and watching over your activity is useless if there is no set goal. In order to lose weight or to be back in shape, it is important that we vest into a goal and then jump into the idea of getting an activity tracker.

By installing the app on your smartphones and by installing the whole FitBit system on your laptops can help you achieve your goals. The steps taken, miles covered, calories burned and active minutes can be seen on the dashboard, which are the real-time stats of your activity. On the web dashboard, you will have even more options available to you, which include seeing the data of several days, manually adding in information like your weight, sleep timing and enabling and disabling features of your zip gear too.

This extensive dashboard gives one much control and record of all the activity done over a span of time which fulfills the main aim of getting a tracker.

Final Words

This basic version of the Fitbit fitness tracker is highly affordable, easy to use and off-course reliable in terms of tracking and looking over your daily activity. It won’t, however, tell you how well you’ve slept or other advanced level stuff, but it is one great gear that will note your total steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and can easily sync wirelessly with Fitbit’s web and smartphone app. In short, this simple gear won’t cause you any hassle and provide you quick, excellent results. Convenience at its best!

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