The Best FitBit for Kids

Fitbit for Kids

As one of the most established names in wearable exercise trackers Fitbit is one of the brands that was there at the start.  They have a wide range of models with some great new offerings for 2019, but there also some the older models which stand up well.  We will break down the different models and features to help you make the right choice of Fitbit for your kid.

As per Fitbit TOS, kids under 13 are not allowed to have personal fitbit accounts. In case you want to sync your kids fitbit with the smartphone app, you will have to create an account under your own credentials and let them use it that way.

What is FitBit?

Fitbit is a wearable fitness tracker that records steps, heart-rate, sleep hours, calorie intake, calories burned and other kinds of fitness relevant information, all while providing little reminders too when the physical activity is low. All this and much more exists, while you and child both can see the stats (as you get the option of monitoring the detailed stats directly from the linked app on your smart-devices). And to be honest, its quite a hot-trend not just in kids, but in adults as well. In fact chances are, you are looking out for the best FitBit tracker for your child on their constant nagging.

Before we talk more about Fitbit, let’s first take a look at our picks for the best kids fitbit.

The Best FitBit for Kids

Name Ages Price
Fitbit Zip
(Editor's Choice)
13+ years Check Price on Amazon
FitBit Flex 2 13+ years Check Price on Amazon
FitBit Blaze 13+ years Check Price on Amazon
Fitbit Charge HR 13+ years Check Price on Amazon
FitBit Surge 13+ years Check Price on Amazon

FitBit Zip

The most common, cheapest option that you resort for is the FitBit Zip. While the word cheap might make you think that it’s not worth it or it’s incompetent, however, that is not the case. The FitBit Zip is designed to be small which makes it just so easy to manage, especially when its the smaller age group of children being addressed. Plus, kids are prone to breaking stuff with their aggression. So in case your child loses this FitBit or breaks it, you won’t really cry a river on it, for this is the most economical yet effective out of the bunch.

Now coming to the features, the FitBit Zip keeps a track of your child’s step, distance covered and calories burned. While you can see this progress from the FitBit app on your smart devices, what’s best about this product is the fact that even your child can know their progress by accessing these notifications, with a simple tap on the screen. Plus with the automatic data synchronization, which can also be done over Bluetooth, you can help your child understand the stats better and set goals. If you set certain goals with them and put rewards on fulfilling those targets, then your child will be far much more enthusiastic whenever he/she sees this FitBit attached to them.

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As far as the design is concerned, its more like a clip-on that can be attached to your child’s front pocket, cuff or shirt. Although it is pretty small, it is still visible and for that, this device comes in 5 different colors ( Magenta, Pink, Charcoal, Blue and Lime). Since children are excessively attracted to bright colors, especially girls, the Magenta color can serve as a perfect choice for your little princess. You can read more detail on our FitBit Zip review.

FitBit Flex 2

This is a good FitBit for kids who are aggressive, tend to run around, fall and do all sorts of stunts. Since the hyper active children embody a lot of mobility, there is nothing that would stick to them and monitor their activity. The Flex 2, however, is an exception. It comes attached to a wearable wrist band so that whatever your child does is recorded right at their wrists. The tracker itself can be taken off from that band and worn any other way, if the wristband doesn’t really appeal your child. The tracker usually records the number of steps, sleep hours, activity time, distance traveled, calories burned and even records the inactivity time. All these recorded stats can be easily accessed on the smartphone app.

Talking about specifications, the fitness tracker is swim-proof. This makes it an ideal choice for those kids who are balls of hyper-energy and love playing in the pools. Once the tracker is on, you won’t have to worry about it being destroyed, it’s a pretty tough one. Moving forward, this tracker does not come with a screen, rather it uses vibrations and LED notification lights. Once the set goal has been achieved or when the activity levels are low, the tracker would vibrate and your child would know what’s going on.

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Due to its design and operation, this tracker is fit for the bigger kids or for those who like to keep it simple and not get tangled in all the touch-screen stuff. Plus, those kids who are already into sports and have strict training schedules will find this tracker useful, for it has the most convenient design and works as their personal pager. So parents, if you and your child are looking for a product that would help them stick to their routines, all while they smash one goal after the another, the FitBit Flex 2 is the perfect choice and not to forget it comes in a variety of colors.

FitBit Blaze

Probably the most in-demand FitBit tracker is the FitBit blaze. Reasons for such hype is justified- the thing is jam-packed with the most latest technology and pleasant design. Plus, it is the first FitBit to tell time. Believe it or not most people find it quite irritating when they can see everything but the time on their fitness trackers. And this Fitbit is not just designed like a watch, its like a mini-smartphone on your wrist, just like those expensive Apple watches. But everything apart, this time-telling is not the key feature that has got people talking about it. Those features are discussed below, but all-in-all if you are looking for the coolest FitBit for your child, then this is certainly the one.

FitBit Blaze has got some major breakthrough features in it. Your child can view their pulse rate, their workout plans and goals, can take help from guided breathing sessions and can even record all sorts of stats for multiple activities. Which means that they can create different logs of their stats like heartbeat, calories, activity etc for different activities (i.e separate log for swimming, a separate one for biking etc). And this is not the least of it. The Smart Control feature just takes it to a whole new level. From calls, to notifications, to messages and even controlling the music, there is a lot which can be done with this fitness tracker. With all these features and more, your child is going to feel like a tech-savvy star for sure.

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Other than this, the FitBit Blaze is all set to record the day-to-day activities and sleep patterns, provide sufficient reminders about schedules and movements, display notifications and information on its marvelous touch-screen and lastly, looks extremely stylish as your child rocks it. It is available in different varieties of colors and sizes (this means, there is one for everyone). Since, the blaze model is more advanced and competent, the price tag is a bit heavier too, but here comes probably the greatest part of all- If you opt this for your child, you will be tempted to buy one for your self as well. This is not an over-statement, but once you get hold of it, you will be blown away by its effectiveness. It is simply just that awesome.

Fitbit Charge HR

What about those kids who are pretty finicky when it comes to picking their stuff? They won’t settle for the ordinary ones at all. This generation Z has got the goods from us- especially when it comes to dressing and choosing things for themselves. If you have a child who always keeps his/her things on point, and has taste so classic that you second-guess their age, then you must be confused about what sort of FitBit tracker would suit them or on the least, they will accept. Of course, they can pin in the FitBit Zip, but come on! It’s just not the appearance that they’ll scream at you for, it’s the features too. In fact, the more features the tracker has, the more chances are that your child will love it and carry it around. Hence, keeping in mind all these queries and demands, Fitbit Charge HR is for your fancy kid.

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This band-like-tracker is the most sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Your children would be fighting to try this on, the moment they see this. So there’s that for motivating them to take the first step towards fitness. Secondly, this tracker comes with real-time heart rate update, records all your day time activity and workouts carried out, can notify one about calls and messages, monitors your sleep automatically while setting an alarm as well (like wow!). Due to its advance technologies like smart-track and automatic wireless syncing, it makes it very easy to counter-review your child’s progress throughout the day. In fact, this tracker is just so intelligent that all your kids have got to do is move, and it will guide them about what to do whilst recording the calories burned, distance covered, steps taken, current heart-rate level and if your child rests, it will automatically record the stationary time as well. Plus, the accuracy on this thing is just mind blowing. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the FitBit Charge HR stands as an ideal candidate for those parents and kids, who need to follow some strict exercise plans all while looking fabulous.

Whats most impressive about this tracker is its size. It fits more like a band and won’t irritate your child by getting in their way. Also it comes in many different colors like Pink, Blue, Tangerine, Plum, Black and Teal. So if you have a moody child, present them this beauty and see them jump right up. And in case of rejection from your younger one, don’t worry, you can keep it for yourself with the same enthusiasm.

FitBit Surge

If all the other trackers seem boring to you, or you want to know what is by far the most updated and powerful FitBit tracker in the market, FitBit Surge is the deal. While this definitely falls in the expensive category, it’s features are far more convincing and entertaining.

So first up in its long list of feature is none-other than the most talked about GPS tracking, which locks in the current location and will provide you with a map as your child moves. Plus, with the tracking you will be able to keep tabs on your child as well. Second best feature is the updated sleep schedule, which provides you with the total hours slept, total hours of sleep needed and even calculates the best time for naps. Though this seems small, but it plans out each and everything for your child, so that both you and they don’t have to worry about the activity schedules. With a fully functional touch-screen, your child will be able to look at their real-time stats, including heart-rate, steps taken, rest time, goals and schedules, calories burned and so much more.

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Talking about its appearance, the tracker carries the persona of a watch. Secondly, all the above mentioned designs and models are light-weight and bear a strong possibility of getting lost in all the activity. This one is bulky enough to keep your child alert about if they are wearing it or not, plus even if they lose it, you can always locate it with the GPS! How cool is that. That’s why, investing in the Surge will never seem like a bad idea ever. Aside from this, the FitBit Surge comes in three different colors- Black, Tangerine, Blue and five different sizes. At the end of the day, with the Surge and its classic-watch like shape and high-tech features, you and your child will immediately label it as your favorite fitness tracker out of all.

Now the next question comes….

Why Fitbit

Does your child really need a FitBit Tracker? Is it really worth it?

The answer: YES.

The Generation Z, or what we would say as our children, are considered to be the most efficient and advanced generations of all. Without a doubt, we can see how these little ones are far much more sharper than us, in terms of technological knowledge, general IQ and so much more. But their health is just compromised. Why? Because all you see is children hooked to their devices and smartphones, which is considered to be the new”normal” now. Hence, with no as such physical activity and existence of epidemic health crisis like obesity, blood pressure, unfortunately our children are the ones suffering the most. In fact speaking specially for obesity, this complex disorder has prevailed just so much in the recent years, while more than 10% cases have been recorded to be caused as a result of genetics and hormones and the remaining 90% cases have been denoted to erupt due to “unknown” reasons.

So what a FitBit tracker does is, it gives them a sense of purpose by setting out plans and goals which tempts them to be more physical. A little effort on your part as parents is required in terms of time and money and once that part is played, you will notice how your child responds to these set schedules and turns more vigilant towards their own health. Plus it is important to instill a sense of being active in their minds so that they don’t suffer further more in their future lives.

But in case you are still not satisfied and have your concerns related to getting these FitBit trackers, here’s a little elaboration of how and why your kid will love it.

Children Love Being Technologically Advanced

Remember when the new iPad came out? Remember when PokeMon Go App came out? What happened? Practically a havoc of demands erupted for us parents. It’s because our children are way much more updated in terms of what’s new and what’s not. And once the trend sets in, they are far much more tempted to get their hands on it. Similarly, these FitBit trackers are a trend in itself. Although its promotes a healthy lifestyle, but the fact that there is some technology that tracks all your activities and updates you on your fitness stats, it just really impresses the adults as well as the kids too. So don’t be surprised if you talk to your child about FitBit and they already know about it.

Staying Fit Becomes a Game

Since Fitbit works on the idea that once the set goal is reached, children will be rewarded (as set by the parents), it becomes a personal game for all the kids. Kids love being given the illusion as if they are playing a game. Turn a chore into a game and you can see them running towards it. Thus, this innovative idea that Fitbit uses, actually motivates them to do more and more, all while it benefits them at the end of the day.

Kids Love Gadgets

Yes They do! Even you know this. You might’ve noticed how your little girl loves to rock her beaded bracelets, or your little man never leaves without his Ben10 watch, all these accessories attract the younger ones. Most FitBits are designed either in wrist-band or watch-like shapes, which makes them a special favorite of these little ones since it gives them the feeling of having something high-tech strapped right to their wrists.

FitBit is a Lifestyle

Just as they say that fitness is a life-style, FitBit is also a life-style. Plus as parents you must keep this thing in mind, your children watch you and adopt your actions more than what you tell them to. So if you bring in this Fitness tracker and expect your child to just magically obey and start running, then you are just fooling yourself. Instead, you have to motivate them by adopting this lifestyle first, so that this becomes a parent-child activity. And believe it or not, FitBit trackers are just addictive, you just enjoy knowing more and more about your physical self.

While there is no limit to who can use these fitness tracker, basically anyone who wants to break their laziness patterns or wants to take a step towards a better, healthier future can reap a lot of benefit from the FitBit trackers. Usually it’s always the first step that is the hardest, and this is where this activity tracker will help in motivating you. Plus, It is never too late to start over and neither you nor your kid deserves to suffer. So be a responsible adult and take a charge towards a better future for both you and your child, today!.

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