Gabba Goods Kids Fitness Watch Review

The budget market has become a growing part of the kids activity watch market and we look at the Gabba Goods Kids Fitness Watch to see if how it shapes up.

With lots of features at a budget price point, you might wonder if the more established brands are worth spending more money on. Overall it’s a solid fitness watch, however there are definitely compromises to be made at this end of the market compared to the more expensive, well known brands.

Features At A Glance

  • Tracks steps, calories, and sleep
  • Allows you to set goal challenges throughout the day
  • Set drink and activity reminders
  • Connects wirelessly with a free smart app
  • Track data and view charts
  • Compatible with iPhone and Ipads

The Gabba definitely offers a lot of features with tracking of steps, sleep, distance and calories. Obviously, at this price point, you’re not going to be having a GPS included so it would seem the distance is calculated by step i.e a pedometer

Similar to most brands you can set alarms and reminders which you would expect from most smart watches regardless of cost.

One of the highlights is a free wireless app that allows your child to connect their watch to an iPad, iPhone or Android device, so they can see charts and statistics such as steps and distance traveled. This feature particularly can engage and interest someone to start setting goals and challenges which is a big positive for kids.

There is also a sleep monitor and movement recognition function so if someone has sat down for too long they receive a notification to start moving.

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With a modern bracelet look and a choice of bright designs, it definitely fits in well alongside other watches. The options available are Blue Camo, Girls Aztec, Neon Aztec, Pastel Triangles and Rainbow Cheetah.

However one of the frustrations is to do with the wristband which can be stiff and difficult to work. A lot of the higher-end models seem to invest more into build quality and this is an area where costs were saved.

While our research shows that a lot of users found the wireless app really useful, the build was flagged up alongside some inconsistencies with the reliability of functions.

It worth pointing out while some of these seem important perfect distance tracking can be difficult and inaccurate even on the most advanced watches and personally I would only use something like this as a useful guide, especially when relying on a pedometer.

Who’s this for?

If you’re looking for your first kids fitness tracker this could be worth considering due to the low cost. You could decide that if your child likes it they would get some good use out of it and upgrade in the future. If they don’t like it at least it wasn’t a huge investment. That said if some of the build bracelet problem some people encountered causes some frustrations it could put a very quick end to your child’s interest in activity watches.

If you’re looking for GPS or other advanced features then this would not be the watch wouldn’t be a suitable match and you’re probably better off going with more established brands.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Pros And Cons of Gabba Goods Kids Fitness Watch


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Cool
  • Good Value
  • Durable


  • Edge support issues for some users
  • Some users noted a lingering of gassing smell


Overall the Gabba Goods Kids Fitness Watch is a decent budget watch and fits in more advanced features than the price suggests, with the wireless app definitely a highlight.

It is a growing area of the market place though with strong competition. The very good LetsFit Fitness Tracker is a very good budget option at a similar price and definitely worth strong consideration if you’re looking for a low-cost kid’s sports watch.

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