How To Keep Kids Active Indoors During Winter Season

Keep Kids Active in Winter

Freezing temperatures, little or no sunlight and smaller days all push you to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut back on all sorts of healthy activities. Just like some animals, human beings also need to hibernate, but in their own defined manner. While your body is naturally inclined to fatigue and tiredness during winters, you need to make the most of this season, since winter activities cannot be done in any other season.

Although winter blues are mostly experienced by adults, this season also takes its toll on kids. While some are down with flu and fevers, others are too lethargic to play around. This is a rare sight considering the high energy levels our kids have. To keep them active, you need to go the extra mile and ensure they stay healthy and moving. Here are a few creative ways to keep them on their toes.

1. Good Old Board Games

board games

Staying active doesn’t mean the activities have to be physical. Who doesn’t love a good old board game? Keeping your kids active requires to keep them challenged and put their cognitive skills to best use. Board games play a vital role in your child’s mental and physical health development. They let children use their logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities. Alongside sharpening their cognitive skills, it speeds up their responses too.

Nothing better than playing something that involves the whole family. You can find multiple choices once you go to a toy shop. Explore new games and select those that involve little math and put reasoning skills to use.

2. Treasure Hunt

Thinking of other games that you can play indoors? Why not play treasure hunt? Although this game is played outdoors, nothing beats an indoors treasure hunt. With an uncountable number of places to hide stuff, this game becomes all the more interesting and keeps your kids on their toes.

You can also set up certain obstacles that require them to jump, run and climb. If you don’t have any, you can place the treasure in the upper portion, so that they have to climb the stairs in order to get to it. Not only does this game develop team building skills but keeps your kids busy without getting bored.

3. Get them to Help You in the Kitchen

kid helping in kitchen

If the basic purpose is to simply keep kids active, you can ask them to help you in the kitchen with chores. Keep the chores simple. Get them to wash vegetables or simply mop the floor. You don’t necessarily have to ask them to use knives or come near the stove as there are plenty of tasks to do, once you’re in the kitchen. Try assigning tasks that involve using stairs or lots of walking and moving.

Since it is a house, you cannot be playing games the whole time. It is hard to find free slots in your daily routine since you’re always occupied with one or the other thing, whether its preparing meals for the family, doing house chores or helping children with the homework. There is only little time left for games if we look at it practically.

4. Video Games

As much as some parents despise video games, the fact remains that your kids love them. Instead of bringing about a complete change in their lifestyle by banning video games, you can make the most of them instead to keep kids active. Today’s video games are not the conventional type and often require physical movements.

Game sets such as Wii doesn’t simply let you play through a remote control while you sit on your sofa, but requires physical movement as you play it. For example, a tennis game on it is played by using the remote control as actual tennis rackets. Such games not only keep your children interested and busy but are a great choice when it comes to keeping them active.

5. Sign up For Fun Winter activities

Just because its snowing outside doesn’t confine you indoors. Wear your wind breakers and set out to have some fun. Winters call for some amazing public activities outside which you can sign up for. Go ice skating, snowboarding and dog sledding with your kids and build snowmen. Participate in challenges and go to bonfires.

Be on the lookout for outdoor events you can take your kids to. Check social media for upcoming social events. While you can try out indoor activities on the weekdays, it is always a good idea to make the most of winters by going outside on the weekends when you’re not short on time.

6. Dance Dance Dance

little girl dancing

Who doesn’t like dancing? Nothing burns calories in a more fun way than dancing. Play your children’s favorite tunes and get them to dance for a good 30 minutes or so. That is enough exercise for the day and keeps your kids healthy and active.

Not only that, but you can play freeze dance, where children have to stop dancing as you pause the music. This makes dancing even more fun and also gives children the little break they want during dancing.

You can also check out different games that include dancing. One such game Dance Dance Revolution can keep your kids entertained for hours and keeps them from turning into potato couches during winters too. If your kids are too shy, glow in the dark dance can also be played, where children dance with the lights turned off, with glow sticks in their hands.

7. Toss The Balloon

Who said these games have to be new and innovative? The goal is to keep kids busy and off the sofas. Games as simple as Toss the balloon can help you achieve that goal with minimal effort put in. Challenge your kids to keep the balloon in the air and see who succeeds at keeping it in the air longest. This keeps kids running and definitely makes them stay active through the day.

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