12 Tips to Motivate Your Kids To Be Physically Active

physically active kids

As kids get older it normal for them to become less physically active. The demands of school work, feeling of not been good at sports, and busy working life can lead to this situation. Parents play key roles in this. Often times they are not comfortable with allowing the kids to play. They limit their play area putting restrictions that take away the fun for the kids. Been physically active is beneficial to kids. It gives them strong muscles and bones. Helps them control weight. Helps them have better sleep and improved outlook to life.

In spite of this, getting your kids to stay physically active is not a rigorous task. It is simple and a step by step approach. All your need is commitment and willingness. The following tips are necessary to help keep your kids active.

1. Have a talk with your Child’s Doctor

Your child’s doctor has a relationship with your child. So they can help talk to the kids about the benefits of physical activity. Due to their relationship, he can suggest a likeable activity for the kids.

2. Find a fun Activity

As a parent, it is your duty to help and guide your kids into finding fun activities. Speak with your kid, find out what he/she likes and then get everyone involved in that activity. This is the only way to convince him/her that it is good and safe.


3. Choose an Activity that is Appropriate and Developmental

As a parent, choose an appropriate and developmental activity for your kids. For a child, activities like weight lifting are a waste and inappropriate. Running, soccer, cycling, and swimming are appropriate and developmental.

4. Plan their Play time ahead

Do not take them out without prior knowledge. Always inform them about the day and time they would go out to play. Plan their play time at their convenient time and place. Do not force them because you forgot to inform them before time.

5. Provide Safe Environment for them

As a parent, it is your responsibility that your children play in a safe place. Safety should be your watchword. Safety of playing equipment is important. Do not expose them to danger in the environment and with the equipment.

6. Use Trackers

Ensure to use electronic trackers to track activities of your kids. For example, you can use a kids Fitbit or any other good fitness tracker. Kids find this as fun because they sure know you are watching over them. So, they would play and most times try to go off the playground for fun. Show them the results on the trackers. if possible explain it to them. This will motivate them to exercise more. this ensures their safety.

7. Provide them with Active Toys

You must provide them with easy access toys. Kids love balls, ropes and active toys. They sure will have fun once these are available.

8. Be their Role Model

As a parent, you are a role model. Kids will do whatever you do. So exercise and they will do same.

9. Play with your Kids

Do not go to the playground as a coach or spectator. Play with them; this adds fun to their playtime. They will look forward every time to playing with you.

10. Set time for Exercise

With school works, music class, and other activities, kids sometimes have tight schedules. So plan their play time to match their schedule.

11. Always Turn Off the TV During Play Time

If playing at home, turn off the TV. In fact, limit their watching of TV and use of computers. Their free time is important. Use them for exercise.

12. Avoid Overdoing it

Too much of everything is bad. Do not wear them out. Do not get them tired.

In doing all these, your kids will get motivated. They become physically active. What are you waiting for? Start doing the right thing for your kids now.

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