Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker – Complete Review

If you want your child to be more active instead of being tech-savvy, and wish to opt for healthy choices when it comes to his/her daily routine then there is good news for you! Leapfrog, a renowned name in educational entertainment, is about to launch the first-ever wearable fitness tracker; Leapfrog Leapband which is designed specifically for kids.

Now you must be thinking that this fitness tracking stuff could not work for your gaming addict child, right? Wait; there is more to the story! As this band is designed keeping the kids in mind, it grabs the full attention of the toddlers and pre-school set by offering fun, active play and interesting challenges which ultimately turns into healthy habits.

In this Leapfrog Leapband activity tracker, kid has to nurture his own personalized virtual pet by accomplishing 50 different activity challenges. These challenges include interesting tasks for example spin like a helicopter, walk like a crab, pop like a popcorn etc. The best part about the leap band is that it motivates the kid to move and be in action to unlock cool new features and get competitive rewards to nurture their pet.

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What’s it Built Like?

This fit-band styled leapfrog leapband is designed like a watch having a simple interface along with hi-tech features, having four buttons and a speaker on the front. This lightweight, pretty little thing with its 1.4-inch screen with an overall colorful design is enough to woo any kid. However, what we found as a potential drawback of it is its absence of touchscreen system, which could be a bit of hindrance for today’s kid.

The controls of this fitness tracker are super simple and can easily be handled by a kid. Audio effects are there to follow instructions and to get encouraged with energetic cheers though no control over volume in a crowd or somewhere specific could get a bit embarrassing at times.

How Leapfrog Leapband’s Setup is Done?

Like any other fitness tracker, you need to download its Leapfrog application on your computer and connect the leapfrog leapband to the computer via USB cable. From here, you can use parental controls and can upload as many challenges as you like. However, to make any change or to have an access to its control anytime, you will have to plug-in your computer as there is no mobile connectivity option in it.

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Experience & Controls

Upon starting the Leapfrog LeapBand from activity challenge button, it opens up interesting game options and challenges with a customizable pet, going directly into the player mode. Kids can evaluate their activity level through an energy bar present on the screen which changes its color according to their fitness level.

Whenever they walk, run, jump or hop, it gets counted in the activity challenges which results in the rewards earning in the form of jewels and unlocking of the pets.  Before the start of any challenge, there is a countdown of 10 seconds to boost energy levels of the kids.

This leapfrog leapband comes pre-loaded with challenges of 14 different categories, allowing the parents to add another 36 challenges via its application. However, there is no option to customize your own challenge.

Some plus points regarding Leapfrog’s Leap-band which are observed include;

  • Parents can easily monitor their kid’s activity level having an entire week chart through the software, making it convenient for the parents to organize more active tasks on specific days by utilizing the data
  • There is absolutely no need to change the batteries and to take care of its charging as its battery is rechargeable through a USB cable, connected to the computer, which can last for around 3 days once it is charged.
  • You can keep the device locked during the specific hours which is designed specifically as a “School time mode”. It unlocks automatically after the school time is over. In these hours, the leapband can show any of the both; digital or analog time while at the backend tracking movements in this mode as well.

All in all, leapfrog’s leapband is a mixed bag of an activity tracker, engaging kids with its easy to use and enjoyable features meanwhile tracking their movements and progress.

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This Leapband tracker is one of its kind to increase the active hours of your kids and get them moving with a new enthusiasm.

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