LETSCOM Smart Bracelet Review

Have your recently joined the weight loss league? If yes, then it must be troubling you to calculate the amount of calories lost or gained after a certain meal or exercise, which is why fitness trackers are becoming more popular as time passes. These trackers give you an accurate measure of the effort you’re putting in to lose weight.  Letscom smart bracelet is one of them.

While it is common for individuals to spend hefty amounts on fitness watches and bands, considering it as an investment in your health, truth is, exercising and staying physically active is an investment and not the amount spent on it. LetsCom is one amazing fitness tracker which gives you everything any other fitness watch does, except at a highly affordable price.

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Here, we review its features and specs in detail.

1. Sports Fitness Tracker

More than anything, LETSCOM smart bracelet is a sports fitness tracker which aims to keep you on the go through its wide array of features. How does it do that? This device has a pedometer to keep track of the total number of steps you have taken during the day. This includes running and jogging as well as the steps you take to go to the washroom. This gives you an idea of how close or far you are from achieving your daily steps goal. Apart from that, it has a calorie count recorder which keeps you aware of your daily calorie intake and loss. This makes weight loss much easier as what and how much you eat is no longer a guessing game.

2. Sleep Monitor

Did you know that weight loss is part exercise and majorly about eating good diet and getting enough sleep? Sure you can count your sleep hours by noting your time of going to bed and getting out of it. But how do you get an idea of your sleep quality? LETSCOM smart band comes with a sleep monitor that keeps track of your light as well as deep sleep. Your deep sleep is the restorative part of your sleep and in turn determines how refreshed you wake up.

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3. Battery Life

Low batteries are a big NO! What use is your fitness tracker if you can’t wear it in times you’re going to exercise because of low battery? LETSCOM keeps such issues at heart and gives you a battery life of one week on standby mode and four days on operating mode, that goes without having to recharge. You can always prolong it by minimizing LED usage.

4. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

Although not designed for medical purposes, LETSCOM features a highly accurate HR sensor that monitors your heartbeat, letting you know its highs and lows throughout the day, which is especially important when you exercise, as it lets you keep track of intensity level of your exercise.

5. Phone Tracker

Another convenient way to find your phone every time you lose it is by using the LETSCOM smart band. Unlike any other device, you have the smart band on your wrist all the time and won’t need to make an extra effort to find your phone. Once you press the key, you enter the Find Phone Interface. If you want the phone to ring, simply double click the key.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. Water Proof

A key feature that every fitness tracker should have is water resistance. Sweat released by your body during exercise makes your band wear out and also messes with its functioning. Other than that, you also need a water proof fitness tracker if you swim regularly. LETSCOM tracker doesn’t interfere with your everyday exercise and lets you run free of worry.

7. Alerts

Other features include sedentary alert that notifies you to get up if you’ve been sitting for too long, alerts for phone calls, messages and other app notifications. One of the smartest features is the Wrist Sense which automatically lightens up the screen once you turn it towards you. Another interesting feature is the Remote Camera Shooting which lets you control photography shooting.

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