How to Promote Physical Activity Among Kids in Schools

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Mankind might have progressed in terms of technology, yet it has taken ten steps back when it comes to health. Call it a side effect to this high-paced, technological world but there is an epidemic health crisis prevailing, out of which the most common diseases include high blood pressure and obesity.

From all the groups, children and adolescents tend to suffer the most from this crisis. This is because their lives are structured around inactivity. Either they are hooked to their smartphones or are sitting behind their class desks. Amidst this bleak vision, there exists hope in none other than schools itself. Schools do not only provide much needed active opportunities but they can also help students practice and further learn more about a healthy lifestyle.

Here are five ways through which schools can help children be more active again:

1. Allocate Proper Time and Classes

On average, children require 60 minutes of vigorous workout in order to be considered “active”. Taking into account the present condition of most children, one can not expect them to workout for 60 minutes straight. This is where schools take the lead. Most schooling curriculum involves the famous physical education class, through these classes children are asked to participate directly and therefore ensure physical activity. This does not only count as a grade for them, but it also engages them physically which is absolutely needed.

2. Introduce New Opportunities and Activities

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Why restrict children to just P.E when you can give them other innovative kinds of activity periods? How about starting an after-school session? Or during recess? When children come across multiple planned and unplanned activities, it keeps them interested and engaged. Schools can help children create a bond with different activities such that they are able to perform them even after school hours. For instance, introducing games like scavenger hunt which would make children lookout for different items hidden in different areas- such games are a classic and involve many workouts.

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3. Conduct Fitness Related Events

The quickest way which gets, not only the children but the whole community moving are events. Now because the month of May is officially the “National Physical Fitness and Sports” month, therefore a full-fledged planned event can serve everyone well. These events involve activities like competitions, parent-children games, biking, and even lucky draws, which in one way or the other, involve exercise and prizes. These events not only paint a good image of sports and exercise in a child’s mind but involve the whole community, which quickly becomes a fun-filled festival.

4. Make it Accessible

Children tend to stay active during the school year- the real culprit that begins the cycle of inactivity are the vacations. Because the normal routine changes, it’s easier for students to turn lazy and inactive during the time school’s off. By giving students access to school facilities such as the gym, the court, etc it can be expected for children to stay on track and utilize them.

5. Educate Them

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Children need to know the pro and cons- that is the one thing that would get them going. School is the best place for getting knowledge about the right kind of food, the do’s and don’ts and how can one help themselves. By conducting seminars and meetings with athletes, sportsmen, and people affiliated with the sports industry, schools tend to reciprocate their message to the children in an effective manner. If children know more, only then are they capable of seeing all the effort behind different steps taken by the authorities and parents. Therefore, educating them about fitness and health, all while providing them with multiple opportunities helps them at the end of the day.

With better physical health, children and adolescents can not only excel more in their life but it is bound to shape their future for good.

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