5 Reasons Why FitBit is the Best Fitness Tracker

fitbit best fitness tracker

Fitbit hit the market back in 2007 and has become the pioneer of modern day fitness trackers. Though one comes across a large variety, when selecting the best fitness tracker, Fitbit is one of the most popular and trusted brand among the consumers. It is easy to wear and while you can forget that you have it on, it will track the slightest of movements in your everyday routine. From counting mileage and measuring calories intake to playing your favorite tunes as you workout, Fitbit offers a wide range of trackers suitable for everyone of you and not just the fitness conscious. Here’s why you need to choose Fitbit over other fitness trackers:

1. Spare Wristbands

Since you’ll be wearing it for the whole day, there’s a good chance that it will get dirty and sweaty and will wear out soon. This is no more a trouble because Fitbit products come with the added benefit of spare wristbands which you can purchase in packs depending on the usage. The software is user friendly and automatically connects to the one you’re wearing saving you the trouble of connecting issues. You can always look for deals around holiday season to save you some bucks on the Fitbit maintenance.

2. Automatically Detects Workouts

Your Fitbit won’t miss out on the most active moments of your day even if you do. It recognizes all the activities that require continuous movement without you setting it up for a workout. This includes running, jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobics. The threshold for what duration should be considered an exercise can always be changed in the settings, the standard time being 15 minutes.

3. Best for General Well-being

Fitbit is not for the fitness conscious only as other fitness trackers are. It is one of the best products for one’s general well being too. It monitors heartbeat even when you’re not working out, for you to watch out for cardiac diseases. The track record for everything can be compared against ideal scores online that give us an idea of how far or close are we to adopting our desired healthy lifestyle.

4. Compatibility

Unlike Apple Watch, it is compatible with Android devices as well. It lets you stay connected with friends and family, giving you the comfort of accessing every goal, insight, and stat from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet by being supported by over 150 android devices. You can enable the All Day Sync option to keep all your data available everywhere you want. However, be careful not to run out of battery to keep tracking throughout the day.

5. Cost

Its wide variety of fitness trackers comes with a variation in price level, giving the user ample options to select from. With multiple levels of functionality, it ranges from basic to advanced trackers, still keeping an edge over competitors on the price factor.

Providing the best at the best cost is what makes Fitbit a market leader. An extensive database giving the users the facility to turn this information into set goals makes it a better buy than the others. Why do you think is Fitbit the best buy? Let us know in comments below.

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