Suitable Chores for 5 Year Olds

5 years means that a child has spent one thousand, eight hundred and twenty five days on this planet. Some responsibilities befall them now. They have to fulfill those chores because they need to start taking responsibilities now. Early developed good habits will pay off in the future. Every job and every responsibility in this world has its own place and its own set of hands that must perform them. Some chores require only the cuteness of a 5 year old.

Every person in this world is designated a set of duties. That is how the world works. If people don’t do what they are supposed to do then what are they doing? Now, they should understand that they are supposed to be a responsible person. What duties must they perform? And how should they fulfill them? Well, here are a few agre-appropriate chores for 5 year olds that will help you make your kids responsible.

1. Making the Bed

making bed chore

Most children have their own bed now. Some might have to share it with a younger or an elder sibling, but, it is theirs. They are now tall enough to take responsibility for their bed. Whenever they get up, they should make their bed. It can be explained to them that the bed will be happy this way of they take care of it and so will you, their parents, and they can be given a separate room as a reward.

2. Folding Clothes

folding clothes

Their hands are now big enough and strong enough to take on a bit more challenging chores. This is what most adults fail at because they haven’t been exposed to it before. It is the arduous task of folding clothes. Folding is an art that is really hard to master but it makes one master of all wardrobes. You can start teaching your child to fold by making them fold their clothes with your help and then moving on to the bigger ones.

If bigger ones aren’t going to work, making sure the little cloth items such as table mats and bathroom mats, are properly folded can be another activity. The point is to understand how to fold clothes and place them in their designated areas.

3. Empty the Trash Cans

trash can

We are all responsible for a lot of junk that we spread throughout our place. Picking it up and throwing it in the bin is one thing, that is more of a social responsibility, but taking care of it after it is in the can is an entirely different domain. What parents can do is tell their children to bring the small trash baskets from the house and then empty them in the bag that they throw all the waste in.

4. Dusting

Children can help in cleaning as well. Dusting is the easiest and the most fun way to clean your house. Tell your child that all they have to do is take a piece of old cloth(it can be their own old shirt or something) and play with it. Just put it on the shelf and take it around and around until they see no dust. Put it on the window sill and feel its shape and voila! It’s as good as new. This can be more of a game for them than a chore if you make them do it that way.

Dusting will also allow your child to become more aware of dirt and debris. He will have an understanding of how to improve living condition of the house, keeping minimum pollution level. It is important that you make your child wear a mask during his dusting ventures. This will help prevent any nasal irritants.

5. Collecting Toys

collecting toys

Once your child is done playing with toys, he must realize that it’s his responsibility to put them back where they belong. Toys can appear to be a big mess. What children can do is help their parents clear this mess. Toys are not only meant to be played with. They must be kept in their proper place as well.

The best thing about collecting toys after they’re done playing with them is knowing when and from where they can get them. Toys can be placed in bags, in chests and in cabinet drawers which are specified for this purpose. Toys can be placed according to their material as well. If you let your child place plastic toys with plastic only, not only will there be a classification but also a learning.

6. Maintaining the Cupboard

kids cupboard

It seems like such a grown up’s job to ensure the cupboard is clean. But the next step after folding clothes should definitely be maintaining space and cleanliness in the wardrobe. Children need to understand the significance of placing pants in one section and shirts in the other.

Accessories such as belts, shoes and under garments can also be placed in sections instead of throwing them altogether. If this habit is adopted since the age of five, there’s no knowing how amazingly well it can be maintained when your child’s a grown up!

7. Making Lunch

making lunch

Of course cooking is not something advised to children because of the sharp utensils and irritant ingredients present in the kitchen. However, preparing lunch for school may be just what they can do to help. When school lunch is ready, children can help in wrapping it in foil or plastic and then placing it in the lunch box.

A five year old is also aware of the items he requires in lunch. Keeping the lunch box, the water bottle and a napkin can be a daily activity for the little one! Not only will this make the child more independent, but also ensure a responsibility for himself.

8. Wiping and Cleaning

Cleaning different items can be fun! Especially if the dad is letting his kid play with the water hose when the mom isn’t looking! Indulge your kid in wiping the dirt off from your vehicle on weekends using a water sponge. Using a sponge helps the kid understand textures and cleaning.

Wiping with soap and surf is another enjoyable activity. Prepare a bucket of water with bubble soap and sponges and use it for cleaning windows and cars. Nothing wrong with getting a little wet cleaning our commodities right?

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